Leave it to luck?

Why leave it to chance?
With airline commissions all but gone, and competition tougher now than ever, today’s business travel agents must do their very best to maximise their potential income from all sources.

Managing hotel bookings – particularly squeezing the commission out them – can be one of the most frustrating elements of running an agency, with recent studies indicating that as much as 40% of commission goes uncollected.
RoomService is a complete hotel booking management tool for business travel agents. Working in conjunction with leading agents for over fifteen years, in RoomService we’ve made it significantly easier for you to manage your hotel business processes, improve efficiency, and ensure that your commission collection rates are dramatically improved.

From the moment a booking has been made RoomService takes over. Its data-entry screens are streamlined to ensure that bookings can be recorded as easily as possible, and RoomService interfaces directly with all the major CRSs and SBTs to remove the need for any consultant input at all.
From that point onwards the commission management cycle begins: automated commission invoices, statements and chasing letters can be generated, along with aged debt, and other commission management reporting. This enables effortless identification of hotels and chains bringing in the best earnings, and empowers you to form more profit-focused supplier relationships with the others!
RoomService also has full procedures to contour the management of billback bookings, including bill logging, generation of automated cheques or BACS payments, and client invoicing through interfaces to your back office systems.

Furthermore, RoomService becomes your central source of business information on all aspects of your hotel business. You’ll be able to track your clients’ booking trends, maximise pre trip income optimisation opportunities, assess staff profitability with consultant activity reports, and negotiate with your suppliers from a true position of knowledge using our full set of management reports.
And it’s fully flexible too – RoomService is currently being used by agencies to manage hotel bookings of all kinds, from straightforward single-room bookings, to complicated conference arrangements, sports events, and even music tours. Above all, with RoomService you’ll finally be able to exercise full control over your hotel business.

Booking Confirmations

Easy-to-use booking entry screen

Interfaces to:

  • Sabre
  • Amadeus
  • Galileo
  • Various SBTs

Multiple, flexible, agency-specific confirmation formats issued by: Email, Fax, or SMS message
Formatted, richtext notes, hotel images, maps and directions, cancellation confirmations

Commission Management

Automated generation of commission invoices on date of departure
Automated generation of commission chasing letters and statements either weekly or monthly
Ability to block the use of chosen hotels
Full set of commission management reports including Aged Debt, and Supplier Profitability reporting

Billback Processing

Bill logging
Automated hotel payments by BACS or cheque
Automated creation of client invoices and interfacing with back office systems
Billback management reports including –

  • Hotel bill not received
  • Client not invoiced
  • Hotel not paid
Business Information

Full suite of client-facing sales, and room nights reports
KPI / Internal profitability reports
Supplier relationship reports
Data integrity ensured by tightly integrated validation module
Optional Report Distribution Module – RoomService report automatically faxed or emailed to clients, suppliers or internally
Optional Web Reporting Module