Insight Reporting

We can measure it

A tool to make sense of it all!

Available either standalone, or as part of Insight or RoomService, Insight Reporting offers a strong suite of internal and client facing business information to produce an assortment of standard reports and a virtually limitless number of bespoke reporting options. This reporting structure can be scheduled to run and/or print regular reports or used to pull information ad hoc through either a desktop app, or an online-portal.
All reports can be exported in formats, including Excel, HTML and PDF and can be emailed or faxed directly

Reports can be tailored to your needs and in the areas where you most need them:

  • Spend management and analysis
  • Ticketed revenues
  • Supplier management
  • Policy/risk management
  • Incident reporting
  • Activity management
  • Reconciliation analysis
  • Agency productivity
  • Executive summary

Insight Reporting enables a global view of your analysis and delivers efficiently regardless of how many data sources you have. By capturing and consolidating travel data you can effectively reconcile spending and manage vendor and supplier contracts and policies.

This flexible, online management information module offers easy customisation to allow seamless implementation of reports within Insight Reporting, using market leading report designer software.

Other features of Insight Reporting include full client data handoff (XML format) and a source of consolidated invoicing for some customers.