Our products streamline your operations

Insight Accounts is a GDS-linked mid-office system. It’s got everything you’d expect from a mid-office system, including reference validation, full PCI compliance, and the most powerful realtime transaction fee calculation module known. Insight Accounts connects to all the major GDSs and feeds charge details and enhanced transactional data to all the major credit card providers. Insight also provides BSP/ARC reconcillation, powerful itinerary production and rich data handoffs to your corporate clients. Read more

RoomService is a hotel booking management system. RoomService logs bookings – primarily through live GDS feeds – then emails or faxes confirmations. Then RoomService automates commission claim processes (some clients are reporting collection rates in excess of 95%), including invoicing and statementing. It also drives the whole hotel bill/client invoicing commission process for billbacks. Additionally, we’ve implemented a full interface to Barclaycard’s HotelTracker product. This will leave your booking process the way you want it, while automatically reconciling the hotel payments and generating client invoices. RoomService also has a full MI module to empower your supplier negotiations. Read more

Insight Reporting can act as a standalone Business Information Module or connect to Insight Accounts or RoomService. The module provides a flexible/customisable reporting solution, with an exhaustive set of accounting MI and pre-trip reports including executive dashboards and carbon footprint reporting. Reports can generated on-demand, delivered automatically by the BIM’ Report Distribution Module, or can be accessed by clients using our online reporting module. More

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