We’re Lightwork

We help travel management companies operate better. Our best-of-breed systems smooth processes and deliver enhanced ROI.
And we’ll consult and adapt to make sure they fit your needs. We offer specialist systems in the following areas:

Accounting Systems

Insight Backoffice – it’s got everything you’d expect from your back-office system, including reference validation, full PCI compliance, and the most powerful transaction fee calculation module known. More details here

Hotel Booking Management

RoomService logs bookings and generates confirmations. It then automates commission claim processes – maximising collection rates. Also, it’ll drive the whole hotel bill / client invoicing process for billbacks. All this information is encapsulated in its BI module. for more details

Business Information Systems

Either a standalone or connected to Insight Accounts or RoomService. Our BI provides a flexible / customisable reporting solution, an exhaustive set of MI and pre-trip reports including executive dashboards and CO2 reporting. Reports can generated on-demand, delivered by the BIM’s Report Distribution Module, or accessed online . More details

Document Production

Use our systems to automate all forms of document production – quoting, itineraries, confirmations, invoicing, you name it! Email them or host them on the web – it’s up to you. Furthermore, our recently-launched CampaignManager brings you an unparalleled trigger-based emailing intelligence, allowing booking-time mailshots for optimal up-selling / cross-selling and all manner of marketing opportunities! Info ..

System Integration

We’ve got interfaces for most systems in the BT space – and if don’t have it, we can make one! We’ll get data from wherever you need it, and get it to wherever it’s got to go. We can integrate disparate data into our systems and your processes to make sure you’re working as efficiently as you can. Get in touch for more details or any unusual requests!

One size fits all? Since when?

We develop all our systems ground-up in-house. It means that we’ll ensure that they really do fit your needs. For us, it’s imperative that Lightwork software delivers robust solutions with an agile flexibility to inspire growth and change. That’s how we roll – Let’s talk!